Bid On Wilmington

Before you Bid Some things to know before bidding in this auction...

March 20th 6:00 am to March 25th 6:00 pm (extended bidding applies)

Staggered Auction – Items will now start and close at individual times within this auction. Please be aware of the closing date and time of the item you are bidding on.

Extended Bidding – Do you hate losing to that sneaky person who slips in and places a last minute bid? Well no more! When someone places a bid in the last 5 minutes of an items auction end time, the auction will be automatically extended an extra 5 minutes!

Auto Pay – When you register for the auction, you will be asked to place a credit card on file. At the end of the last day of the auction, if you have not already paid, your card will automatically be charged for the items you won.

Mailed Certificates – No more driving to pick up your winning certificates. At the end of the auction, all items you’ve won will be tallied, and certificates will be mailed directly to your home.


Shipping Terms

Attention: Please note that orders purchased after December 10th may not arrive in time for the holidays.
Priority orders must be placed no later than December 17th at 3:00pm to arrive on time.

Shipping & handling fees apply to auction vouchers that are being mailed.

Please note that some items may be print on demand. A $2.00 handling fee will apply to each order that includes a Print On Demand item. $0.50 will be charged for each Print On Demand additional item. Auction item page will specify if item is print on demand. Auction winner will be directed to print out voucher(s). Winners of multiple items may be directed to print out voucher(s) and also pay shipping for those being mailed.

Specified vouchers will be mailed in place of actual item. Voucher may be redeemed for item at physical store location. Items may be picked up at participating merchants or station with voucher as proof of receipt. Vouchers will state whether to go to the merchant or pickup at the station.

Each order with a combined retail value of under $250.00 will be mailed out by USPS. This will be charged $4.81 for the first item and $1.05 for each additional item. The estimated delivery time is 7-10 business days.
Each order with a combined retail value $250 and over will be mailed out USPS with Signature Confirmation. This will be charged $10.21 for the first item and $1.05 for each additional item. The estimated delivery time is 7 - 10 business days.